Often, a new client comes my way with the intention of delegating and improving her productivity but would be lost on what or how to delegate. I would get responses such as “I am still thinking what to assign” or “I have so much going on and I don’t even know where to start” 

Is this you? Well then today’s post aims to help you identify which tasks on your to-do list should you hand over to your team or virtual assistant.

Can someone else do this better than me?

I get it, you’re an entrepreneur and you wear many hats, you do sales, marketing, social media, accounting, graphics, WordPress work etc. But if you’ve been sitting on your computer for 4 hours already figuring out how to crop the background in your photo, or research on how you can add an opt in below your header, then you need to stop. You have just wasted your precious time on working on things that are not in your expertise. Worse, you spent 4 hours on a task that your developer or virtual assistant can do within minutes. Wouldn’t it be better if you spent that 4 hours writing up your copy for your upcoming launch?

The truth is: There are other people who are better than what you can do in that area and would be willing to help you get it done. You have to stop trying to do everything yourself. Hire someone who can get the job done.

Is there a deadline for this project?

Given that you probably can do this task by heart but is faced with a strict deadline with other projects. Ask yourself, is there someone else who can do this faster and deliver the project on time? Choose someone who has the same work ethics, or better skills than you have. Sometimes, all you need is an extra hand to help you get the project done on time.

Is there a recurrent project on your to do list?

Review your tasks list weekly. What are the things that come up week after week? Is this something you can delegate to your virtual assistant? Can you set up tutorials so you can delegate this recurring task to one of your team mates?

Once you delegate this recurring task, you just paved a way for a new task to come in which might add to your business or personal development. Better yet, you can even spend time with the things that make you happy.

Delegation is really a skill that you need to develop. It may sound easy, but it takes time, careful planning and patience. Remember, when you delegate, there is a possibility that you will get less than what you expect. If that happens, be open to accepting, provide feedback and make room for improvements. The most important thing is that you start investing your time in doing more things that bring you a step closer to your goal.

Have you had difficulties delegating tasks? Share your stories below… I’d love to know.