So, you’ve signed the virtual assistant service agreement, you bought a VA package last week but then you’re still not sure what to delegate. You’ve been staring at that email draft for the last 30 minutes, still not knowing how to respond to your new VA.You have probably been sitting there feeling guilty about talking yourself into this whole delegation thing when in fact, there’s a small voice in your head saying “It’s never going to work out”.

STOP. This is your negative self-trying to build barriers against delegating.

There’s a reason why you needed a virtual assistant’s help. Look at your to-do list, it’s screaming and overflowing. When you want to start letting go of your tasks, it is crucial to ask yourself if you’re ready or not.

Today, this post aims to help you analyze the reasons why you are not delegating.

“I don’t have enough time to delegate”

Yes, I am aware that you don’t have enough time, you’re drowning in to-do lists and your calendar can’t accommodate all the meetings and tasks you wanted to schedule. Sending out a lengthy email of instructions to your virtual assistant will just be another pile of to-dos for the next 2 hours. You ask yourself – how is this suppose to help me?

For now, it seems that you are going to save a lot more time when you complete this job yourself rather than turn it over to someone new. But think about how much time it will save you the next time you need to do this project again. Let’s say you spend 30 mins every day updating and scheduling all your social media posts, every week you’re spending 2.50 hours on social media. IF you delegate this, think about what else can you do within 2.50 hours – Mani-Pedi? Update your about page? Watch a movie?

“I don’t want to lose control”

You may have been doing these tasks for years, and I understand that you are scared of not being in control. In your head, you probably created a list of things-that-might-go-wrong when you delegate. You probably have done this so well over the past few months or years it’s scary to hand it over. I hear you.

But by listening to this thought, you are also depriving yourself of the things that might go right when you delegate. What if your social media manager has better campaign ideas than you? What if your virtual assistant knows more ways on to do this project more efficiently? Let your teammates (virtual assistants, social media managers, web team) surprise you with their results.

“I can do this better”

Perhaps you were not satisfied with what they came up with the first time you hand it over. Perhaps the tasks were done in a different way or lesser than what you expected. Is this still helping me at all?

If you’re a perfectionist, then this will perhaps resonate with you the most.  Before we delegate, we set super high expectations from our teammates. More often, we expect perfect results.

When we get less than we expect, we cringe, we get disappointed, we only see their mistakes and we immediately put on our perfectionist hat and do the tasks ourselves. End of our story right?

Well no, it is important that before you even start delegating, you set expectations that you might get less than perfect results. You have to accept the fact that the person who will take over your tasks is not you. And you have to make room for improvements, revisions and providing feedback. You’re not only helping yourself let go, but you’re also helping your team mates become better at what they do.

Realistic expectations, clear guidelines, and open communications are keys to delegation.

If you can resonate with today’s post, jump in the comments below! I’d love to discuss these with you.