Today we are going to discuss tips on how you can escape Busy-ville.

What is Busy-Ville?

Busy-ville is a state when our schedules are way too crowded that we end up missing appointments, meetings and even important events.  You know you are in busy-ville when you work long hours and forget appointments or client meetings, forget birthdays or anniversaries. Everyone of us has been to this place and we all know its not the nicest place to be.

Remember, you are way too awesome to be stuck in busy-ville. You can get out of here, and we would like to help you escape. This is also why we offer virtual assistant services to help more people get out of busy-ville.  But today you are in for a treat, because we wanted to share free tips that can lead you to your escape route

Tip #1: Keep track of what you do and what you will do.

You can’t just store every plan or every to-do in your mind. I understand you are smart and a genius, but let’s get things done by jotting them down or by placing them into something “physical” and visual. Keep a planner or an app in your gadgets that gives you a daily track of your tasks. Materialize that schedule fantasy of yours by starting (for real) with this step. Your mental schedule might betray you in the future. Do this every night before sleeping or in the morning when you wake up. It sets your mood in emptying the worries for tomorrow and you can immediately start the next day taking action instead of planning.

Tip #2: Know what’s for tomorrow

Categorize your tasks into two: those which are REALLY important and those which are needed accomplishment within the next day. By setting a demarcation line between them, you can regulate the tasks you should do and you can avoid things that will just flood your day and will just waste your time.

Tip #3: Consider a considerable time of accomplishment.

This happens when you are now dividing your day to chunks for each task. Make it to the point that the time you will allot to each will not make you hurry and will not make you lousy—not too tight and not too loose span of time. Allocating time wisely makes you opted for a clear tunnel vision of the actions you would like to take and the outcome you would like to achieve.

Tip #4: Consolidate tasks.

If you can hit five birds with one stone, why not? Just make it to the point that you won’t compromise the time frame and sacrifice the best results you want to achieve for the sake of hitting all of them. Insert two or three small tasks inside a big doings. For example, why you are out for groceries for two hours, you can also: 1. See a clock smith and change that Rolex’s battery, 2. Have your shoe shined and 3. Drop that errand at your friend’s house beside the grocery instead of doing it next week. Again, as long as you will not compromise the time and the quality of the results, you can have side little tasks as you go.

Tip #5 Stick to Your Schedule!

Focus! All the listing, the consolidating and the effort will be just put in vain if you won’t follow what is written or recorded. Do that cross stitch pattern after you crossed out everything on your list.

Today is only between you and your schedule. Focus, act and cross out.

Tip #6: Love being leashed.

Everything will just be against you unless you learn to love being organized. Ask yourself first: am I sure about doing this? Or I’ll just stay on my come-what-may status each day? Remember, nothing will be put into the right places unless you start putting things in the right places! If you think this reformation of mindset and organization is for you, start doing it and start loving it without seizing!

I would like to know how do you escape busy-ville? Do you keep a planner or do you use an app to take charge of your busy schedule? Share and Care! Post your comments below!

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