Here’s my story on how I won Marie Forleo’s B-school Scholarship in 2014:

Three years ago, in Febuary 22, 2014, while driving on our way home and looking at the huge waves crashing towards Tambak’s seawall. I can’t help but smile.

I have zeroed out my bank account that morning. And have barely Php500.00 in my wallet (that is around $10usd more or less). We are 3 months behind our office rent and I was 2 days delayed with our team’s payout. Yet I am still wearing the biggest smile.

You see, our business was at its peak before Yolanda came. We were in the midst of paying off our debt and getting in new clients. But then Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) came out of nowhere. Taking our roof, houses, and even almost all of our clients away. 2 months of no electricity and no internet connection. We tried to operate and seek for temporary alternatives, but it was not working at all. So we diverted our time and energy into something more useful for our community – volunteering. (See my personal blog post about our Project Panay experience here)

After Project Panay, I have worked so hard rebuilding our business. I’ve asked for referrals, emailed our old clients that we are back to business and worked 17 hours a day. We took in every client and inquiry that came our way -local and international. Thankfully, we gained new clients. However, because we were not screening our clients, we also gained bad ones. This is the point where I almost gave up.

At such times, I always seek wisdom by reading blog posts from my inspirations – Marie Forleo is one of them. I have been wanting to enroll in B-school since 2011 but never had the courage and the finances to do so. That day, I took a big leap of faith – I took my Android phone and started filming.

I can no longer count the number of times I took videos from the office, our backyard even at Tambak Seawall. I spent one entire Sunday afternoon just editing my entry to make it before the 90-second mark. I had to take out a whole lot of valuable information about me and came up with this entry.

The moment I posted my video entry and received the confirmation from Team Forleo. I closed my laptop. I let faith step in and erased all expectations that I had in me. I spent the next days working really hard to finish off web design projects so we can cope up with the payout and rent. We finished 3 websites in one week. Woo Hoo! The only problem was – out of 3 only 1 paid on time.

Friday evening – I was exhausted, stressed and tired. In my prayer, I just told Him – “You know best Jesus. This too will pass.”

The next morning, I saw my name in Marie Forleo’s B-School 2014 Scholarship Recipients. I won a B-School Scholarship! Number 21 out of almost 2000 entries. I am also the only Filipino to get the scholarship.

That is more than enough reason to smile.

Words won’t be enough to express how thankful and grateful I am to be a part of the amazing community of B-School Students not to mention the roster of scholars are an inspiring and amazing group of individuals from all over the world who is set to change the world for good.

I am not smiling because of pride but because I know now that dreams do come true. I am happy not because of a wish granted, but because of the possibilities that lies ahead. I am honored, not because of who I am now, but because of the mission that I was destined to do.

Despite the negativeness, the challenges and the bad things happening around you, don’t stop believing – start being you.