If you have been following us for the past few years, then you would know that this is the nth time we changed our look and feel of the website. I have a confession to make – this makeover happened by accident. Today’ I’d like to share with you some valuable lessons learned from being hacked.

When everything else seems to be flowing really well with our team, one day while trying to compose a proposal to a potential client, I checked the site and found out that the site is hacked (again!). Mind you, this is not the first time that nasty hacker took over my site. So as usual, I tried to contact my host provider and see if they could help me resolve it. Unfortunately for me, they were unable to help. The hacker seemed to have erased my existing database and replaced the content. Sadly, I wasn’t able to back up the site for the last few months.

I cried a bucket of tears for this because I was horrified with that thought that I lost everything I have set-up for years. Not to mention the ranking it currently holds in search engines. The timing of this matter caught me off guard since I was in between new clients coming in and other business stuff. To lessen my agony, I canceled my hosting services hooked up with GoDaddy’s hosting service and started a new site. I turned on our coming soon page while we sort things out. I asked my current host provider for an expert advice, why do hackers keep attacking my site for the last 3 years? Why don’t they just move on and find someone else’s site to hack.

As explained to me, hackers had already established several back doors to my site, which means, they can come in easily every now and then which was scary and stressful. The solution is to start fresh.

Lessons Learned:

1. Back-Up – Believe it or not, I haven’t backup my site for the longest time. Because of that, I don’t have any copy of the files that I have published on my site except for those that I kept on Dropbox. In life, we always have lots of regrets, and in my online business, this is one mistake I wish I would’ve avoided.

2. Choose a Host that has 24/7 Support – Online emergencies do happen and when it does, we should have a reliable service provider that you can easily reach anytime, anywhere. My experience with my “ex” host was terrible but I also understand that providing customer support 24/7 isn’t something I signed up for when I purchased their services 2 years ago.

3. Have Faith – there are things in life that happen and most of the time when it hit us, we don’t easily understand why it happened. I was troubled for some time about how I will be able to regain what I have lost, (and with this I also mean other areas in my life). But one valuable lesson I learned from this experience is that we always don’t have to chase what was lost. Sometimes we just need to let it go. I rest in the fact knowing that what happened might be part of something greater ahead.

I realized I was given the gift of starting fresh. A clean slate.

Yes, I may have lost tons of quality content over the past 3-5 years, but now, I am given a chance to start all over. Upgrade my look, embrace new possibilities. After my anxieties have declined, I was able to see the gifts I have ahead.

In my life, I tend to focus on the losses and dwell in them. This time around, I will celebrate the loss and the opportunity of embracing a new phase.

Have you experienced something similar, where you are forced to start a new and start from scratch? Share your experiences below. It might just help other boss ladies like us.


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