Are you a multi-tasking boss lady who can hardly see her screen due to posted paper sticky notes above your monitor? Or a marketing strategist who found her highlighter pen at the bottom pile of crumpled papers in the canister for inventory hard files? If I missed, please, before you empty that office tool drawer filled with candy wrappers and dump it secretly, you have to answer something:

Isn’t it compelling for an opted “great day of accomplishments” if you start the day with a tidy, glittery, and disinfected workspace?

I won’t take a no for an answer, so here are ways on how you can escape all the rubbish in mess–ville.

Step 1: Clear the desk.

Take it literally. CLEAR. CLEAR. CLEAR. Everything that is on the desk, below the desk, beside its side walls, inside its drawers/compartments, please, put them aside first.

Step 2: Clean the desk.

Dust off, wipe with clean, wet cloth and disinfect the whole desk, including the tools that you use on a daily basis – I mean your laptop, keyboard and mouse. You’d be surprised to know that those 3 are one of the most infected areas in your home office. I use a combination of vinegar, water and fabric conditioner as a disinfectant.

Step 3: Categorize what you are going to place in and on your work space.

Eliminate candle holders, jellybean jars or anything aren’t work related from the things that you set aside a while ago. Group them each as to what group they should really belong to like paper works, stationeries, files, office tools, and the like. In terms of filing, separate them into specific states like archive, on-going, completed or cancelled.

Step 4: Cache things in the proper containers.

CD’s, ballpoint pens, flash drives, folders and other office materials have ready-made containers in your nearby office supply stores. But if you’re saving a buck, try to improvise by recycling those empty jars for your paper clips or make a paper caddy from storage boxes (in corporate size that can be on your table) for filing your folders.

Step 5: Consider daily tools.

Place these things that are mainly used daily on a part of your desk that you always lay your eyes upon on like the top shelf above your desktop monitor or on a nearby drawer/compartment. Be OC on this. Put only daily needed things in this area such as the canister of ballpoint pens, calendar, stick-on notes or other things that really needed and really associated with the tasks that you are doing.

Let me share with you my home-office nook:

If you notice, I work in a lil‘ corner in our bedroom. I have a very tiny and tight space which was done on purpose. I am a naturally messy person. Mess grows and thrives in areas I touch. I realized that mess starts when there are extra spaces that doesn’t serve any purpose for me. That’s why I asked my husband to create a tiny nook for me to read, write and do work without any extra space in it. In here, every inch has a purpose.

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