Lies. We listen to them all the time. It’s a bad habit we really need to break. Today, let’s look at the lies that you kept feeding yourself which prevents you from achieving more for your business.

You know you need more time in order to accomplish more for your business but you just can’t let someone else help you with anything.

You sit for hours and hours in front of your laptop trying to get everything done but still with very little results.

You know your task list is overflowing and you don’t even want to look at it so you store all the information in your head, hoping somehow some fairy would just do it for you.

As a boss lady, you must learn how to enhance your delegation skills. Yes, it is a skill that can be learned and improved. This is one important area that most online business owners fail to focus on. We tend to fix our eyes with client acquisition, branding, PR, social media and all other things to keep our business running smoothly but fail to manage our projects and tasks properly.  We have to admit, we just can’t do EVERYTHING alone.

#1 Lie: What if they fail?

You have long pondered the idea of bringing in a new team member for the longest time, whether its a virtual assistant, copywriter or an online business manager. However, while flipping through resumes or scanning your candidate’s websites you keep asking yourself what you will do when they fail. It’s as if its already a guarantee that they will fail.

Truth is, EVERYONE makes mistakes, yes everyone including yourself. So it is safe to say that yes, there is a possibility that your VA or your new OBM will make a mistake. Mistakes are inevitable and are a part of your everyday life as a business owner. The important thing is that yo transform mistakes into a learning opportunity and use it to improve you, your VA and your business. You have to learn how to recognize your own fear and make some room for you or your teammates to make mistakes. More often than not, delegation results in positive outcome and results than fail. So don’t be afraid to give your virtual assistant a chance.

#2 Lie: I can do this better

Well, there might be some truth to this. You probably have more technical skills in your pocket that you know you can use to get those tasks done. The issue here is not whether you can do this better, the issue is whether you can get it done on time without sacrificing more valuable tasks on your to-do list.

You should ask yourself this question:

Should I be doing this task myself or will I get more done if I hand it over to someone else?

As a boss lady or a business owner, it is crucial for you to achieve more with sales or client acquisition and more income generating tasks. You can do this when you are not overwhelmed with small, repetitive menial tasks that others can be doing. You should invest more of your time in doing more of what makes your business sparkle and attractive to clients. Your VA doesn’t have to do it exactly like how you do things, the goal here is to get as many tasks done.

#3 Lie: I will lose control

You have been used to working solo since you started your business this is why you like to control everything in your business. This is why it is scary for you to let someone in and have them in control. But remember, you are only going to let them control certain areas of your business, you are still the one holding the steering wheel.

This is why it is important that you carefully choose the right virtual assistant for your business. You have to carefully assess both their skills, their ethics and attitude to perform the tasks. Once you find a perfect match, you have to give them the authority to perform the task for you. You have to restrain from micro-managing them and spend more of your saved time to other much more important areas of your business. You have invested in your new virtual assistant, now you just need to relax and trust them to wow you with the results.

Stop listening to all these lies in your head. If you can delegate work efficiently, you will accomplish more for your business and get those extra hours you have been praying for. I wrote a blog post that itemizes different steps to take when delegating, it can help you kick start with your delegation. The more you become better at delegating tasks over and managing them effectively, the more results you will gain as a business owner.

So, are you ready to delegate tasks from your list? If yes, I would like to invite you to join me and other boss ladies for a 7-day Delegation Challenge which will start on January 15th. Register here and join the fun!

Every day for 7 days, members will be challenged to delegate tasks off to your VA’s, family members and team members. There will tips via FB live and also fun sheets to help improve your delegation skills. This challenge aims boss babes like you who want to accomplish more for 2018! Free for all amazing women entrepreneurs. See you there!




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