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Hey! I’m Ella Pelayo.

My goal is to work behind the scenes so you can run your business with ease.

I’m here to help you accomplish more things.

I want you to save time by doing all the tedious tasks so you can spend it with people that truly matters to you.

I want you to escape and not worry about marketing your business. Go on vacations as often as possible.

I want you to go finish and read that book on your nightstand while I work on engaging with your customers.

I want you to be there on your daughter’s 7th birthday celebration while we work on creating an awesome website for you.

I want you to go on Saturdates with your special someone while I work on creating strategic social media posts.

I want to help you escape task-ville so you can have more time pampering yourself.

Here’s how we can help:

We (yes, I work with an amazing team!) provide online business support to passionate entrepreneurs who wants more out of life.

We help create online marketing strategies to elevate your online business.

We create, design and develop your website so that you can use it as a tool that will show who you are and what you stand up for.

We help save time by doing the majority of your administrative work.

We educate entrepreneurs on how they can efficiently delegate tasks to have a more balanced virtual lifestyle.

My Story

I’m an Online Business Strategist. A virtual assistant, a project manager, social media marketing maven and a WordPress geek rolled into one. But this didn’t happen overnight!


I was living the life of my dreams: happy wife, just bought a car, and working as a Senior Assistant Operations Manager for Customer Support in one of the leading local bank in Asia. Then an amazing blessing arrived – I became an adoptive mother! Woo Hoo! This milestone should’ve made my life complete… right?! But nope. It actually even made me even more sad.

I was sitting in front of my computer as tears running through my eyes 1 month after. I just want to run home, and just stay with my daughter all day. I want to spend more time with her and not miss any milestone (ever) in her life. However, I can’t. I shouldn’t because I am the sole bread winner for our family. While that guilt song is playing in my head, my body just acted up – I went straight to my boss workstation, poured my heart out and I can clearly remember my last words – “I guess this is it for me. This will be my last day here (enter Jaw drop look from my boss here)”

1 week after this scene, hubby and I decided to relocate to our province and start a new life with our lovely daughter. I tried looking for work here, but reality struck me. There are no work opportunities here in this small town that can suffice what we financially need, given the kind of lifestyle we had.

This is where you and I are the same: I really wanted to be profitable for my family without losing any valuable time with them.


That’s when I found the virtual assistance industry. My research leads me to my first client who was someone who was looking for a date to fill in his weekends. Sounds funny right? Sadly, it is true. This is when I started investing more time researching, finding my niche and just getting more and more training in this industry I have never even heard of before. I was the first and the only Aklanon who first ventured into working as a virtual assistant.

To date, our clients are mainly successful entrepreneurs from all over the world who are passionate in their respective industries. Because of that, my story has been featured in a book called: Entrepreneurial Virtual Assistant and has been featured in Philippine Virtual Assistant Network (PVAN).


This is where my career has made a 360 degrees turn. I came across Michelle Dale’s The VA Apprentice and graduated with this ecourse which brought my career to a higher level and giving way to the birth of The Office Escape.

It was because of this decision, that now I can serve clients with the same passion – I too, am an entrepreneur.

I work with amazing Filipino young professionals who shares the same vision – helping you succeed.

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What seems to be the most remarkable event in 2013 is sadly one of the biggest typhoons in History – Super Typhoon Haiyan. I wrote an entire blog post about our experience Read my blog post: Give Hope After Haiyan.

This experience has also brought out the best in us. I believe that there are no small or big acts of kindness. One good deed goes a long way. So we continually reach out and give back in times of need, even during the most recent Super Typhoon Haiyan, where we ourselves were survivors. We volunteered together with Project Panay, to rebuild homes, schools, and fishing boats in our local community.
At this same year, I was fortunate to win Marie Forleo’s BSchool Scholarship.


From an office based VA business we became 100% virtual business living a digital lifestyle that we truly deserve – freedom from working anytime, anywhere.

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Time is more important than money.

You can get more money. But you can’t get more time.

- Jim Rohn

I love The Office Escape. I love that they can take my dream and make it into a reality. They are on the ball with their timeline and commitment to me and that means a lot. I don’t have to worry, and I know I have terrific support.
Many thanks The Office Escape Team.

Sandra Tisiot

Founder, My Life Locker

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