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Ella P.

Hi I’m Ella and my goal is to work behind the scenes so you can escape and chase your dreams.

I am here to help you accomplish more things.

I’m an Online Business Strategist. A virtual assistant, a project manager, social media marketing maven and a WordPress geek rolled into one.

I want you to save time by doing all the tedious tasks so you can spend it with people that truly matters to you.

I want you to escape and not worry about marketing your business.Go on vacations as often as possible.

I want you to go finish and read that book on your nightstand while I work on engaging with your customers.

I want you to be there on your daughter’s 7th birthday celebration while we work on creating an awesome website for you.

I want you to go on Saturdates with your special someone while I work on creating strategic social media posts.

I want to help you escape task-ville so you can have more time pampering yourself.

I want to help you do the things that makes you sparkle.

Here’s how we can help you escape:

We (yes, I work with an amazing team!) provide online business support to passionate entrepreneurs who wants more out of life. We help create online marketing strategies to elevate your online business. We create, design, develop and maintain your website so that you can use it as a tool that will show who you are and what you stand up for. We help save time by doing the majority of your administrative and social media work. We teach you how to delegate so you can do more awesome things in your life!

My Story and Escapades:

Aside from being a dedicated virtual assistant, I am a proud mom of 3 amazing kids, and a very happy wife to a loving and supportive husband. Spent three years in a financial institution, first as a customer support representative and worked my way up as an senior assistant operations manager. After that, I decided its time for me to do an office escape and started my virtual assistant business.

Nine years later, I am now enjoying being a work at home mom and helped countless passionate business all over the world run their online business with ease. Meet-Ella-Collage I love coffee, chocolates and great music. I love working in our garden, weekend road trips with family and enjoy living near the beach (I intend to grow old here.) I am also proud Yolanda Survivor and humbled to be a part of Project Panay that helped rebuild our community after the storm. I am also very blessed to be one of The VA Apprentice graduates and one of Marie Forleo’s B-School scholars.

Life has been great so far (Praise God!) and I am enjoying the journey so far (rough rides and all!).

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