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If you’re a passionate entrepreneur, I suspect that you have a bottomless to do list – I refer to this as a specific place and call this “task-ville. This is a place where urgent and overdue tasks meet and where new tasks line up as well. Have you been there lately? If you do, then this week’s post is for you.

Last week, we talked about Signs that you need to escape your office, and today we will take you closer to your escapade. Here are some tips on how you can escape task overwhelm and do more awesome things:

Dump It All Out

Before you start your day, get a pen and a paper and write everything down. Get rid of the mental clutter that has accrued over the past few days and dump it all out. Listen to your inner voice and jot down all the ideas, to-do’s, tasks,things to delegate, bills to pay, people to email or contact, and all other things. This will make you feel like you are starting your day with a clean slate.

I learned this from Marie Forleo’s B-School Program and she calls this “Creating a Mental White Space”. For me, it works best if I just write everything down in a clean sheet of paper and then create a more organized list afterwards.

I also keep another clean sheet of paper nearby which I call “DistractionVille”. On this sheet, I write all the ideas, tasks, to-do’s, quotes, that I come across with while I am busy doing my tasks. That way, I don’t have to keep remembering them all day and forget. I keep all my distraction sheets in one folder and organize this into a task list for the following day.

Create an organized list

Everything on your list are important, aren’t they? Have a head start of categorizing all the tasks you have to accomplish (e.g. Household, business, leisure, etc.). List all the specific to-do’s, chores or goals under each category. By doing this, you organize ideas that can easily set your mood in seeing the wider, grouped yet more specific tasks that needs to be done. Plus, it helps maintain your momentum if the specific tasks under each category needs some continuous goings and determines in advance what are the things you need for accomplishment.

Focus – One Task at a time

Are you a multi-tasker? You were probably trained to multitask like: Social Media surfing while watching TV, watching YouTube while cooking, or worse: texting while driving. Do you open a lot of tabs in your browser while writing your blog post? If you’re guilty of these things, then today is the time to quit. Multi-tasking will never get you near accomplishing any of your tasks. Instead, it will only prolong the time spent on each of them.

Close your tabs, turn off your Ipad, ask your kids not to disturb you and give your work 100% focus.

Delegate the Un-Awesome

Simmer down. You don’t own all the burden! Why not delegate it to some people whom you know can do some of your tasks more efficiently than you? Accept the fact that no person is a jack-of-all-trades and asking help is not a weakness. Why not let the kids wash the dishes while you make finishing touches to an ad project? Why not let your tennis mates schedule the intensive village tournament while you do the groceries? Why not let your virtual assistant nail your event promotion tasks while you spend your time for your husband’s birthday bash?

You don’t have to stress yourself and let other tasks decapitate.You need help, so delegate!


In order for us to help you escape task-villewe created a free printable for you – “Escape Task-ville Time Claimer!”

It includes:

  • 3 columns, task and the delegation list complete with time tracking  so you can monitor the number of hours you save thru delegation and outsourcing
  • List of Awesome things you can do in an hour or less! Plus a challenge!

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