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Check out my answers to the most common questions:

What's your working hours?
I do client work from Mondays to Fridays from 8am to 5pm PHT. Skype consultations and client meetings can be arranged from 8pm till 9pm PHT 0nly. I don’t work during Philippine Holidays.
Do you offer a free trial period?
No. You can purchase my Coffee Break Package which consists of 5 hours worth of services to see if we will be a fit. If you wish to continue working with me, then you can upgrade your package to 20 hours or 40 hours depending on your business needs. If you wish to maintain a 5 hours package every month, then a minimum of 3 months payment upfront is required.
How do I pay?
I will send an invoice via email which you can pay via PayPal which accepts major credit cards. For Philippines based clients, you may send in your payments via a bank transfer. Bank details will be sent via email.
What if I wasn't able to consume my hours for the month?
Your unused hours will be carried over the following month. A new invoice will not be sent until you consume all your hours.
How soon can I expect my projects to be completed?
We send in daily updates via Basecamp. We ensure that we meet your deadlines in advance or on time. Updates will be sent via email or can be seen on Basecamp.
Will you be personally doing my tasks or are you subcontracting it?
I personally handle all social media and virtual assistant tasks. I also work on graphics as well as Mailchimp integration. However, I do work with an amazing team who handles graphics, and web development since I am not great at coding. If your task be delegated, you will be introduced to the person in charge and will send you direct updates in regards to your tasks.
How long will it take for my WordPress site to finish?
It usualy takes us 4 to 5 weeks to complete the website. However, the completion also relies on your preparedness, responsiveness to questions, collaboration and updates. This make take longer if there are additional features that you would like to have on your website such as shopping carts etc. We only work on 1 website every month to ensure high quality work for your website.
How do I get started?
Great! First, please schedule an appointment so we can discuss details of  your project and at the same time get to know each other. Afterwards, I will send in a service agreement for your review and signature via Echosign. An invoice will be sent the same day. As soon as we receive your payment, you will be given access to Basecamp and a welcome message to explain all the tools that we use while we work together. We normally give our clients at least 2 days to prep all the tasks with clear instructions before we start working together. Instructions may include, pdf files, ebooks, or even video tutorials that you can send to us to clearly understand how we can help.  

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