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The past 3 weeks has probably been one of the busiest days of my life. Both business and personal life has been really time consuming. Well, it usually is during the first 3 months of the year, but this 2016 has been different.

Most of us, we set new goals, start new routines during the first month of the year. Hoping we would end the year with a better and stronger version of us. I did that too. Some of my new goals for this year was – love myself more, start our own organic garden, finish off our house renovation project, and re-design this website.  I have planned that I would launch a new website on August 2016 – my birth month.

Shortly a few weeks after the new year, I already started a vegetable nursery, started saving for little house project, and started thinking of ways to “love myself more”. While I was busy with all of those, the hackers are also busy trying to get into my website.

Every day I would get notifications from Wordfence of failed login attempts from different countries such as Ukraine, Russia and Germany. I thought I’ve set up a strong username and password. I’ve done precautions like using LastPass, changed our login details, etc. I was starting to worry because at times I would get notifications at least 4 times a day that somebody is trying to access my website.

For added security, I’ve called my host and asked for their advice on what to do and how to handle such problems. They suggested SiteLock as an added measure. Its not free, but I think its worth it. Worries started to fade when I would get notifications from Sitelock that infectious codes has been removed and my site is protected well.

Up until I got an email from a potential client that my site is down. I immediately checked and to my surprise, my site has been routed to a hosting site in the UK called Hostinger. I called up my host, submitted a ticket to Sitelock, and asked our team to help out. The hackers succeeded to creating a “backdoor” and infected 117 of my pages! I think I’ve had 3 cups of coffee that morning, trying to figure out what to do. Anxiously waiting for anyone to help out.

I already created a “Plan B” just in case – I can delete this site and start out from scratch (which I personally dread losing all the content I’ve generated for 4 years) or patiently wait while my entire team, our host and SiteLock try to figure everything out.

While everyone is busy figuring it out, I got myself busy conceptualizing the new look of the website. I erased the August launch plan and made it to January instead. I started looking for color inspirations, design and branding ideas. I needed a bolder and stronger look. Something that would represent the lessons learned from the past, colors that would mean that thru the years, I have become a better version of me.

Just this Monday, I already have a go signal from the team that my site is back up and running again. The re-design took me 4 days to complete. 4 sleepless nights and countless coffee. But I can say its all worth it.

Lessons Learned:

  • Back Up every week or every other day.
  • Invest in website security such as SiteLock to help you in cases like this.
  • Make sure you have a reliable host
  • Drink Coffee
  • Stay Inspired
  • Be ready for changes

Today, I’d like to share with you the brand new The Office Escape.

Bolder. Brighter. Stronger than ever.

Feel free to roam around and explore. And in the comments below, share your thoughts. I’d like to know what you think of the new design.

Hope your new year is as colorful as mine.

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