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Ella and the Team at The Office Escape are incredible! They truly are my secret weapon. They are the support that my business needed to take it to the next level. They are responsive, professional, and they get ish done in a timely manner. This is a team of rockstar support! If you want support and to build an empire they are it! With their help you can truly escape your office. HIRE them it is totally worth it! I love Ella and her team. Fabiola Giordani

Business Coach,

I am so glad to have Ella’ s support and talents for my business. She is able to put my ideas into visible pages and graphics that are delightful. Ella will get things done when I need to get a project  done for a scheduled date. She will create a project list and follow up to get things done. She has a wonderful positive  personality and is a joy to work with. Thank you Ella for your awesome work! Fatma Zaidi

Feminine Leadership Coach,

Ella has been a tremendous help to me on a variety of projects, and I will continue to very happily utilise her services. She is very responsive, an excellent communicator, and is always on hand when I need her, a truly professional and resourceful VA. I would not hesitate in recommending her services to my business colleagues, she is an asset to any organisation who requires dedicated virtual assistance. Michelle Dale

Founder, Virtual Miss Friday

Working with Ella and her team is a true pleasure.  I no longer have to worry about all the technical parts of my website or marketing campaign.  I can just concentrate on creating great content and delivering quality work to my clients.  Ella and her team are the reason why I work faster and more effective. Claudia Moncarz

Tax Attorney, Moncarz Law Firm

Ella and her team are my Most favourite people and service to refer! I’m so lucky to have them and feel good in my heart and confidant in their skills when ever I tell anyone about them. They are a gift ! Ella was referred to me by a very good friend and though I didn’t need The Office Escape right away I always remembered the glowing reviews and I knew they’d be the first I’d call. All their work has been gorgeous, fast, and thorough. Ella thinks of everything to ask so that she and her team can move forward and provide clients with exactly what they want . Besides being friendly and caring I can assure anyone they’d be happy to work with The Office Escape, now or in the future. Lisa Berry

Business Owner, Mindset Music Meditation

Ella is very creative; She thought of various ways to expand my reach, even created marketing programs I didn’t think of. A remarkable VA. Bo Sanchez

Best Selling Author,

I love The Office Escape. I love that they can take my dream and make it into a reality. They are on the ball with their timeline and commitment to me and that means a lot. I don’t have to worry, and I know I have terrific support. Many thanks The Office Escape Team. Sandra Tisiot

Founder, My Life Locker

Ella and her team have been the only reason I was able to move anything forward within timelines and deadlines I had set for myself while I launched

The fact that Ella has a team with various skills means I can work with one person for all my business needs, copy writing, graphic design, web development, along with her tapping into her expertise and knowledge of the online business world as a thought partner when I need it. She also helps keep me organized and on task as an online business manager creating a schedule and maintaining it on my behalf. This is really important for as I have another business I run and a small child at home. Ella and her team made it possible to move forward with my vision for Do Good Living while keep my sanity. She is a professional and gets the job done but also understands the pains and challenges with running your own business and having a life offline, and is flexible and accommodating as you need her to be.
I wish I had used more of her services earlier. Don’t think too much about it just book her before she fills up!
Nicole Letelier

Founder, Do Good Living

Ella has been working for our team at BSETC for over a month now and the work she has done for our clients has been FANTASTIC. She has amazing attention to detail, cares greatly about the work that she is doing and treats our clients as her own. She is well versed in the most current social media trends and tactics and employs them with efficiency and care every time. She is willing to jump into whatever project we present to her and gets things done quickly while keeping our client in the loop the entire time. Highly recommend her! Erin Blaskie


Ella has been successful in the task I asked her to complete. Most importantly though the lines of communication, the methods and technology she uses ensures that she will be successful. I appreciate her work on this project and look forward to working with her again in the future. Colin Burns

Digital Nomad, Travel Lifestyle

“Ella and her team were so helpful! They jumped right in and got started with tasks I really needed to get off my plate. I’m not so great at delegating, but I am learning as I go, and having Ella there to remind me of stuff I should be doing, and then just doing it, was amazing. I had really basic outlines of what I needed done, but Ella understood easily and executed the tasks as I needed, and on time. If you’re a busy entrepreneur like myself, you are doing things you don’t need to. Hire Ella to fix that.” Leah Kalamakis

Founder, The Freelance to Freedom Project

Ella is fantastic. Her organization skills and proficiency to get jobs done on time is a blessing. I’ve hired Ella and her team to handle many different tasks, from excel database work, to setting up WordPress sites, to article writing, to working my lead generation software. Everything I’ve asked her to do, she’s done on time and has reported in to me on a daily basis during the projects. Ella is a joy to work with, and her professionalism comes through with everything she does. Very highly recommended! Robb Bailey

Co-Founder, Pageladder

“Working with Ella and her team was a great experience which allowed me to hand over the day to day of a growing business with confidence. Punctuality and work ethic were both great and I would gladly recommend them to somebody looking to take the pressure off the running of their growing business.” Dan Maney

Online Business Owner, Frozen Reptile

Ella is a VA of many talents. I love mentoring, but am a newbie into marketing – Ella and her team handles that for me in ways I didn’t even hear of. I was so fortunate to meet her and her team in their new office and I admit, I left with a bunch of new ideas and projects just waiting to be implemented. It was like entering a space of creativity, joy, dedication, efficiency and honesty. Thank you Ella and team, you and your professionalism is a blessing for business owners who want things done. Helle Mikkelsen


From day 1, until our website was completed, Ella and her team stayed professional, thorough, creative, patient and  most of all on time and on budget. Would I recommend Ella? ABSOLUTELY! Ben Sabilano

Restaurant Owner, Roz and Angelique's

I have used Ella and her teams services for a few years now. They are a very competent and efficient group of virtual assistants, from research to telemarketing to websites, they have provided great services to our businesses, and we highly recommend them to anyone looking to hire a virtual assistant team that can and will get the job done. They absolutely go above and beyond and exceed our expectations on every job we give them. Cris Cawley

CEO, Thinique Medical Weight Loss Clinic

I met Ella almost two years ago through my mentoring program. Ella is an outstanding individual and we quickly developed a friendship. I have used Ella’s services on several occasions with great results. She provides a great service, affordable rates, and awesome turnaround time. She is always available when I need her. I highly recommend her to anyone that would like to have a VA that is completely centered on how she can help her clients excel in their respective business. Deneen Wilson


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