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For most of you who have been following me for quite some time already, you would know that I recently won a scholarship at Marie Forleo’s B School program. This post is one way for me to do one of the assignments she gave us in one of her Intro Videos in BSchool. However, this is not for the faint hearted. I have done a confession post before and this is going to be one of them.

Today I am sharing with you my top 3 bullsh*t excuses that I keep saying to myself as a virtual assistant and as a business owner and I am pretty sure a lot of Filipino Virtual Assistants can also relate to this.

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1. I am not good enough to compete with foreign virtual assistants.

The virtual assistant industry has grown immensely over the last few years and VA’s from all over the world compete with each other. I used to think I was or will never be good enough to compete with the international market so I will just stay low and focus on competing with fellow Filipino VA’s.

Hell No!

I am not good enough to compete with foreign virtual assistants! and so are you!

We are wonderfully created by God with each of our own talents and skills. We have our own failures, experiences and learnings along the way. In my case, I have more than 6 years of experience in the industry not to mention failures that have been turned into wonderful opportunities along the way.

We, (yes, I am talking about you too!) have what it takes to become who we want to be!

2. I don’t deserve higher rates. I’m supposed to charge cheap.

Because we are located in a third world country, I have assumed that we are supposed to charge cheaper rates no matter what. I have created this huge lie in my head that if I charge more than what other fellow Filipino VA’s do, I can’t find clients who will be willing to work with me anymore!

One of my mentors, Michelle Dale, once asked me: “Do you want to be a Chanel or a China Make-up?” I boldly answered I want to be a Chanel of course. Then she told me, I should start being a Chanel. Charge like I am a Chanel, and Act like I am a Chanel! 

I did it at first, but after a few months I went back to being a China Make up! Stupid decision isn’t it?

I don’t deserve higher rates. I’m not supposed to be cheap!

Over the years, I’ve come to realize that we should respect and honor our business. If we don’t, our clients and the people we work with will never honor us and our business either. Our rates cannot be defined by where we are from nor our race. It should be about how much value we put in for our clients.

Let us take a stand on what we truly deserve! We deserve only the best!

3. There’s no way I can do that!

I can no longer count the number of times I come across such an amazing website or an article or an idea that somebody else did and that voice inside my head just yells “There’s no way I could’ve thought of that.” or “This is just so awesome, I can’t do this!”

For 30+ years I have restricted myself to move forward and chase my own dreams because I believed that I can not be great. I believed I was born and raised to be just a mediocre me. I thought that becoming “great” is not the safest way around. My mom once told me, I shouldn’t be different, I just need to be just like the others. And sadly I believed that!

There’s no way I can do that! I can be great!

Now, I strongly believe that each of us has a mission in this life. A gift we are meant to share with others. A special mission that only YOU can perform. I tore down these limiting beliefs and now look forward to a brighter future knowing God has blessed me with everything that it will take to fulfill my own mission (which I believe is great!) I now look differently at who I am.

I am a genius. And so are you!

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