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Did you miss me? Don’t be shy I know you do!

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I came back and came back for good PLUS I’m bringing in a gift for you so you better keep reading! 🙂

What’s New?

I know you noticed that probably for the nth time, this space has transformed into something better (hopefully better than what it looks like 3 years ago). I’ve kinda noticed that my old logo (which I loved and treasured) no longer represents my brand and my personality.

Over the last 3 years of being in this business, I have made tons of mistakes, faced tons of challenges, accomplished a lot of good things, done good deeds in the process. As a result, I have grown mature, stronger, wiser, and better than who and where we were 3 years ago. I have chosen bolder colors to represent a stronger and better team.

Why Change Now?

Other than the reason I mentioned above, this month, July, we’re celebrating our 3rd year anniversary. Woo Hoo!  3 years of serving clients, 3 years of fun and constant learning, 3 years of growing and moving. We’ve had ups and downs along the way, storms and sunshines. There is absolutely no better way to celebrate this milestone other than a fresh site, new logo and of course celebrate it with you!

My Gift for You:

Since its our 3rd birthday,we’re not going to ask you for any gift, instead we brought you some presents!

Gift #1: 30% Discount

I would like to give you the biggest discount I have given so far: 30% discount across all our packages starting today for 3 weeks! (Offer will end on August 6th, 2014). You can save as much as $370.00!

Gift #2: 3 Hours of Services at ZERO Cost!

3 FREE hours to 3 takers every week until August 6th. No obligation, no catch and no pre-payment required.  This is especially created for those who have been thinking of working with us for quite sometime already but was afraid to commit. We’re finally opening our doors to see if you and I will be a good fit.

Remember we will only take 3 takers every week.

If you’re interested to avail of our 3rd year Blowout (30% Discount and/or 3 hours Free Trial), here’s what you need to do:

  1. You have to Subscribe to our ESCAPE KIT Newsletter to qualify for the 30% discount and Free Trial Promo
  2. If you want to avail of the free trial offer, simply write a comment below. We definitely want to hear from you and know where we could possibly be of help. Don’t forget to copy and paste this on your comments: “Ella, take me away for a free trial!
  3. We will send you an email to confirm your spot and with further instructions on how we can start working together.

That’s it and that’s how easy it will be.

Thank You!

I just want you to know that I appreciate you. I am grateful that you have been with me for the last 3 years. I am grateful that you have spared a few minutes of your time reading my posts and commenting. I appreciate you for just being here right now. I look forward to more years of sharing and learning with you!







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