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Perhaps you are already in a stage where you definitely needed a helping hand. Someone who can help you get more things done and escape task-ville. Perhaps you are in a crossroad and unsure whether you need to hire an office staff or just get a virtual assistant instead.

Today, this post aims to help you decide which route is best suited for you. I won’t be giving all the answers and decide for you, but I will be giving out questions that you would need to answer yourself to help you identify which one will be most valuable to your business.


There are 3 factors that you need to consider. These are mainly workspace, budget, and long term business goals.

Go grab and pen and a paper and do the homework below:


  1. List down all the tasks that you need help with. Highlight all the tasks that can’t be done online.
  2. Analyze your answers. Do you have more tasks that can’t be done online? Or most of them can be managed remotely?
  3. Do you have the proper workspace for an office assistant? If not, are you willing to rent out an office space? Do you have the budget for this?
  4. Do you have the proper equipment for your office assistant? (Computer, office furniture, etc.)
  5. Do you need someone to work with you full time or do you just need help from someone from time to time?
  6. Do you need someone to work with on a long term basis?
  7. What is your budget for this? How much would an office assistant cost you on a monthly basis including employee benefits? How much would a VA cost you?
  8. Have a look at your competitors or influencers in your industry. What is the most common practice? Do they have a VA or do they use an office assistant?

As soon as you identify which is more suited for you and your business, take the necessary action steps to find them. Ask for references. Don’t settle for just the first person who applied. Finding the right VA or an office assistant is going to make a huge impact in your business.

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So, what are the results of your homework? Are you going to hire an office staff or go for a virtual assistant instead? Post your comments below!



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